Autism Fitness Try This @ Home - Latham-NY - 2019

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Are you one of those highly motivated, totally dedicated, teach-me-and-I'll-follow-through parents? The kind therapists and specialists marvel at and appreciate to no end? Do you want to bring fun, meaningful fitness programs for your son or daughter into the home?

Autism Fitness is here for you!

Join Autism Fitness Founder Eric Chessen, M.S. as he guides you step-by-step through

Autism Fitness in MY House, a half day of everything you need to know for developing an outstanding home fitness program.

Tailored to ANY individual or functional level (nobody is left out), you will learn:

  • How to assess skills quickly
  • Exercise selection
  • Programming options
  • Positive support strategies to make this stuff actually reinforcing

How to create the right home gym environment

This 3 hour, hands-and-feet-on training is limited to 20 participants for maximal individual learning. There will be ample time to ask questions, get feedback, and try the concepts in action!